Hey, its time for a new segment called "Bit Of Tips" where I give you tips on everything book related. Today I am going to be giving you tips on how to get out of a reading slump. I hope these tips help you. Here We Go!!!!:

1) Reread your favorite book- This is a great idea because this will help you fall in love with reading again. This really helped me when I was previously in a reading slump.  You may not want to read all of it, but you will read a good portion. After you read the amount you want, you will find another book.

2) Go to the library or book store- This idea will give you ideas on new books to read. If you cant find a book at the library or bookstore, go online and  find new books that fit your genre preferences on Goodreads.

3)Watch a film adaption- When you did read books what book did you want to read, but you didn't know if you wanted to. Look for some adaptions of those books and that will make you fall in love with that movie and you may want to read the book.

If you have any ideas as to ways that you can get out of a reading slump, leave a comment below.